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Review: X-Treme X-Men #4

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 09/26/2012 - 17:34

Howdy podna!

If’n you weren’t spooked by Brokeback Mountain and are still hankerin’ for some great raucous wranglin’ Western-style, pull up a tumbleweed around the fire and open up X-Treme X-Men #4 wherein writer Greg Pak takes you on a doozy of an adventure as though it were yesteryear.

Without their alternate version of Emma Frost, these Exile-like adventurers continue huntin’ down Xaviers in a new dimension modeled after the Old West of the USA. We have Sheriff Cyclops, card shark Sabretooth and “New York Charlie” (our evil Xavier du jour) and even get a taste of 616’s Dazzler as a saloon girl. Miss Kitty will never be the same again.

The heart of the combat here is our heroes – Dazz, Howlett, Kurt and Xavier in a Bottle – killing the evil Xavier that has used his mental powers to “take over town,” imprisoning the father of a Kid Wolverine along the way. With Creed, Colossus, Cyke and others under his spell – including our alternate WolvieDazz, two kids, a farmer and his wife, and Xavier in a Bottle must face down these outlaws or die!

What could’ve been done as a spoof – and let’s be honest, some of it does feel that way – is instead an exercise on how to portray our X-Men in different and entertaining ways as our X-Treme team ventures through the Multiverse. And this is one, carefully designed by Pak to use every TV Western cliché there is, that is most enjoyable. And Xavier, looking just like those early Kirby drawings of the FF’s Puppet Master, makes a great villain for the piece. The only thing he is missing is the twirling mustache!

Paco Diaz does a crisp, clean job of the art here. There is no doubt who is who and what is going on. His characters display emotion although some of his actions scenes do seem a bit frozen. His big splash of Kid Colossus is awesome, however.

I like how this series is going and I hope it continues to capture the imaginations of both Pak and the readers so that we might see what other worlds our changing crew of mutants may venture into.