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Review: X-Men #5 (Wood)

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 09/11/2013 - 20:51
This issue of the All-New, All-Female X-Men succeeds spectacularly on one level and fails miserably (IMHO) on another.
First, if you are following the "Battle of the Atom" event with the nostalgic Art Adams covers, then you are in for a treat because as young Scott and Jean (together again!) play Run for Your Life, this is a true and fairly seamless continuation of that storyline.
BUT ... and this is why we miss the fairly isolated, event-free X-Factor ... this issue really mucks up the flow of this otherwise excellent comic.
Writer Brian Wood does a yeoman's job in keeping up with the tone left from the teen lovers' ( well, not yet) theft of the Blackbird, but that great and strangely familiar tone from issues 1-4 is just not present here, and that is what we were enjoying about this highly Claremont-ian book.
It's good to see these characters developing that old familiar charm all over again despite Teen Hank, and the art by David Lopez, Cam Smith and Laura Martin is quite capable. But the wee doses of Rachel Grey and Kitty Pryde cut in and out too quickly and act to remind the reader of what we are missing rather than enhance this Scottie and Jeannie saga.
Now that said, Wood does do an admirable job of continuing the "event" and certainly makes you want to buy more X-books.
If that is the goal, then this issue of X-Men is a success.
If not, this is the weakest entry in the history of this otherwise breakout Marvel NOW relaunch.
Take that for what it is worth.