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Review: X-Factor #250

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 01/16/2013 - 18:37


Life has the worst das’t timing, as we say around the CBN offices. A writer’s health comes under attack by his own body just as a storyline he has worked on for nine years comes to fiery reality in the Marvel U.

Thus it is with fan-favorite uber-scribe Peter David and his labor of love, X-Factor.

Mr. David has been experiencing some health issues while away in Florida and our collective thoughts and prayers from CBN are with you, sir.

Meanwhile, you have given us long-time PAD fans quite a gift as “Hell on Earth War” begins, as we thought, with the return of both Wolfsbane, with her son Tier in tow (he started it, remember?) and Strong Guy, who seems to be accompanying Jezebel and Mephisto, always recognized as the granddaddy of Marvel hell-lords.

The hell-lords of the Marvel U., you see, are ready to go to war for our gem of a planet (or maybe universe or dimension?). Whatever it is, it seems the only force that will be standing in their way is our little pile of mutant and alien detectives.

You never saw this on Columbo!

Pip has left the building, and the funeral home structure itself falls wrath to hellfire before the final frame of the book. Oh, and if Tier is back could Darwin and his big guns be far behind?

For a book where sometimes there is little action, the wrestling, usage of powers and thought behind everything is sharp as a serpent’s tooth, thanks to great dialogue and plotting by PAD and excellent, clear-as-water art from the clean lines of Leonard Kirk and Jay Leisten.

If this issue is an appetite whetter, I cannot wait for the rest of this arc, one we long-timers have awaited for quite awhile!

Great job, PAD! Now get better and come back to us soon. Good luck, sir, and all our prayers.