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Review: Worlds’ Finest #2

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 06/07/2012 - 18:17


Bless you!

No, no, do not take the lame name of the standard radiation-powered villain in this story as anything of its reflection. If anything, it is as far away from the general feel of this excellent story as one can get.

In the latest issue of Worlds’ Finest, our two alien visitors Power Girl and Huntress are still trying to make a life on an Earth that is not their own. And while Huntress seems to be doing just that, thank you, Power Girl is intent on getting back to Earth-2 and seeing what is going on.

Even if it takes a smack or two from Hakkou to change the focus of her anger and emotion!

As much as I scolded him for many of the things he did/does on Legion of Super-Heroes, writer Paul Levitz in this comic likes to bring new readers up to date on a simple scale while still “building worlds” and characters who we love and who we worry about.

The venerable history of this title’s predecessor demands bold action and great team-up capability, and Levitz is giving us just that as we redefine our own understanding of these two daughters of Earth-2.

And of course on art, it is George Perez. After all these decades, what can you say but – Nuff Said?

Worlds’ Finest is not my favorite New Wave book this month, or even this week, but it is a strong contender for one of the most solid written and well drawn books every month!