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Review: Wonder Woman #1 (Azzarello & Chiang)

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 09/20/2011 - 21:23

DC has up and done it, again!

Can you believe it?! The nerve of them!

Another book I ordinarily would not have bothered with, Wonder Woman #1 is now a book I will continue reading - and all thanks to the New 52!

Brian Azzarello gives us a fascinating tale of monsters and myths set in the present day DCU. One not weighed in the Greek legends of the past, but one that sees a modern retelling of those familiar stories. Coupled with gruesome acts of violence (is this a horror book?!), and an intriguing background of story - you can't help but find yourself captivated by the issue's contents.

Azzarello gives us the classic notion of "show don't tell," and what we behold is a pure delight. The very confident and strong Diana finds herself thrown in a war among the gods, with horrific creatures, fair young maidens, and glorious battle. There is blood, guts, magic and mayhem. 

Likewise, the art by Cliff Chiang was just as enthralling. I'll admit, the cover threw me off, as I do prefer a more photo-realistic style, but Chiang's approach works wonders for the book. It is one of simplicity, clearness and softness.

And speaking of softness, DC threw the long leggings out the door as not only is Wonder Woman sporting the more classic look, but a distressed young vixen can be seen in her panties throughout the book, as well! That's a rather bold statement, I would say!

All in all I was more than satisfied and eagerly anticipate subsequent issues. This was completely unexpected and one heck of a great book.