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Review: Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris #30

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Sun, 10/20/2013 - 08:33

Dejah Thoris concludes her battle with the Metal Men on Barsoom in grand fashion in issue #30 of her own magazine, a book that contains more than one surprise and more than one unexpected alliance.

At the hands of her own grandfather – unwillingly, of course – the city of Vorn is under attack because most of its population has been reconfigured into robotic likenesses of themselves. Here in Vorn, Dejah Thoris is being held captive and must use her scientific knowledge as well as her battle savvy to escape.

It is an unwilling war from the skies for Dejah’s grandfather, Helium’s jeddak (ruler), but his hands have been tied by his arch-nemesis, Mortus, and now a full-scale bombing is about to ensue, one which is sure to blow Vorn, the Metal Men and Dejah Thoris to kingdom come.

Enter the wily guile and knowledge of Dejah, who convinces Mortus to free her while she explains the cloaking devices of her people. It is this opportunity that allows her to escape, but it is all a ruse. Now, armed with the knowledge of invisibility, Mortus goes full-scale against the aerial forces of Helium.

It is all too much, and there is a noble suicide in the cause of freedom.

Meanwhile, an unlikely alliance (we won’t spoil it) allows Dejah to escape and the forces of Helium to prevail, but not without great loss. The Metal Men too get justice of a sort.

Writer Robert Place Napton does a wonderful job of keeping track of these multitude of events while the ever-competent art of Debora Carita is more than capable with its depiction of big bomb explosions and sly grimaces on Dejah’s face.

All in all, a wonderful wrap-up to this arc.