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Review: The Walking Dead: Michonne Special #1

Posted By: chrisb
Wed, 10/10/2012 - 13:29

We are just days away from the third season of one of the most anticipated television shows in the past decade, and what better way to introduce all those fans to the resident katana wielding bad-ass, than too give her her own special!

Reprinting The Walking Dead #19 -- the first appearance of Michonne -- in conjunction with the Playboy "origin" story, we finally get a more solid look at what created such a fan favorite character. From using her boyfriend and his best friend as moving camouflage, to the first time Rick and Michonne meet, this was a nice overview of the character that has endured so much at the hands of Robert Kirkman.

Though regular collectors of the series, and the Playboy story, will see nothing new in this book; it is still nice to have both stories together in one place. A singularly hand held origin piece that can be accessed anytime for your perusing pleasure! No digging through back issues needed!

My only qualm with the book is the definitive difference in the quality of the grey tones and line art. The Playboy story is much darker in hue than the original series and Adlard's pencils used to be much thinner, a crisper style with much more detail. I know Charlie Adlard had to quicken his art style a few years back to keep the pace of a monthly book on track, but there is a clear division between the two tales now. Silly, I know, but the rest is still perfect!

So before you head out to your TWD parties this weekend, I've been invited to attend a few, be sure to hone up your knowledge about that mysterious girl from Season Two! Michonne will be the word on everyone's lips at the water cooler -- don't be left out!