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Review: The Walking Dead #109

Posted By: cbushley
Wed, 04/10/2013 - 14:44

It begins with a solemn look at death in the world of The Walking Dead and ends with what could be the catalyst for ensuring the deaths of many more. What happens between these solemn tent poles is an issue full of drama and characterization that separates it form so many other books.

Rick's lies to his community begin to catch up with him, making the call to arms against Neegan a more difficult task than originally planned. It also helps set the stage for a threat that looms within the very confines of their home, one that may eventually see Rick in dire straits amongst friends. The build up of the ensuing battle against Neegan is what drives most of this particular book, but it is the "down time" of two extremely different characters that make the book truly resonate with the reader.

Maggie's mourning of Glenn is a pitch perfect piece that shows that no matter how difficult and jarring life has become in a walker filled world, some things still anchor them to the world before. A burial, a tombstone and the ritual of grieving will never lose it's meaning to those who hold them dear. In fact, the mere sight of of these things can make someone who has become numb with death realize just how important they are to keep their own humanity.

Secondly, there is a conversation held between Rick and Michonne that truly puts their entire world into perspective. Tired and weary, Michonne let's her softer side prevail as she expresses her feelings about taking up arms again. It is a brief but compelling moment that makes us believe that beneath her hardened facade beats the heart of a woman that yearns for a moment of peace.

Kirkman's pacing is top notch on this issue, giving the reader glimpses into possible future outcomes as well as making a well deserved look at the internal workings of key characters. It may not be flooded with walkers nor be riddled with flying bullets, but it is a well built story that paves the way for both of those things to come. So, enjoy the relaxation for the moment because the cringing ending guarantees that it will not last for long!