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Review: Vampirella #29

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Fri, 05/10/2013 - 15:40


Ah, science and magic. Two sides of the same coin.

Both of these, along with time travel, figure into a bizarre but pleasant adventure for Vampirella and her family and allies.

Writer Brandon Jerwa puts our little gang through their paces in Hell as Vampirella learns Lukas Van Helsing is her son from the future. (He even spins the yarn of his trip and mission!)

Lukas goes on to save the life of Vampirella's mother (and enemy), Lilith.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Vampirella's close allies are working to free her (they think) from captivity in an independently controlled "dome" in Hell that is under Lucas' control.

About the time Pendragon, using Vampirella as a mystic GPS, pops into Lukas' dome to "rescue" Vampirella, all hell breaks loose -- literally!

Next thing you know, our heroine and Criswell find themselves 100 years in the future.

The art by Patrick Berkenkotter is very moody, conveying the mystic and the alien with equal precision.

Jerwa spins a suspenseful tale for this mysterious female, and I cannot wait to see what faces Vampirella in a brave new world next month.