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Review: Uncanny X-Men #13

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 06/07/2012 - 16:23

When he was weaving his multi-issue crossover “events,” writer Brian Michael Bendis would use his regular books (re: Avengers, etc.) for side stories, and some of those have already become Avengers classics.

Uncanny X-Men writer Kieron Gillen is in the same boat this week, as the Avengers vs. X-Men saga races across the pages for most Marvel U. books this side story – really an update on the Phoenix’s back story and the progression of the plot involving the robot Unit – plods along here.

While regular readers of the mag may find this a solid tale, as were Bendis’ Avengers side stories, there is an air of fill-in, biding-time and getting back to the “main event,” that being Avengers vs. X-Men.

I was a big fan of Billy Tan’s pencils during his run here with Ed Brubaker and nothing has changed. The art keeps this hodge-podge moving, even though it does take some coaxing to make it through the entirety.

I look to this title more than any other X-book because it has the legacy of being the franchise key player in Marvel’s X-history. This week was certainly not one of its shining hours.