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Review: Uncanny X-Force #35

Posted By: bamey
Thu, 12/20/2012 - 00:39

Earlier today at the CBN offices....

     Me: "Hey Matt, it's Brian...I'm gonna write up X-Force #35"'...

          Matt: "Say wha?! *face palm*".....

               Matt: "Doc..Brian's gonna cover a street level book...X-Force.."

                    Doc: *thud*...*silence*

                         Me: he bleeding?

                              Matt: "He'll be fine...that stack of Marvel NOW variant covers broke his fall."

That's right CBN readers. I'm not just some comic hipster who just reads small press, creator owned, Indies. When something comes up that catches my eye in the mainstream,  I'll take a peek. Usually don't get past the first couple of issues, but none the less....I try...

One series that I picked and have never stopped reading is Rick Remender's X-Force.  This series consistently delivered month over month with very few exceptions. The writing was spot on and the art, although sometimes inconsistent, fit the tone of the stories well.  

Remender brought the perfect blend of characters (old and new), action, romance and above all consequences that will continue to echo with these characters from here on in. His "Dark Angel Saga" stands out as one of the best stories in recent history.  

I was also happy to see this book for the most part stay separate from the big AvX crossover and movie driven schlock that we typically see from Marvel as of late.  I will miss many things from his run, but mostly, I will miss the best written version of Deadpool in the history of that characters existence...period.

Issue #35 wraps up the "Final Execution" story arc and closes Volume 1 on this X-Force run as the team has decided to disband.  With this issue we get a glimpse into how each of the characters are dealing with the fallout of their decisions and actions. With one exception...Angel.  Although he's left out, I think it's appropriate as the Angel who was part of this team is no more.  

We see Logan, a character who rarely says 'What if?"...second guessing himself with deep regret..

We see Betsy, regretting her decisions, but ultimately forgiven and in a better place at the end..

We experience a surprisingly tender and fatherly moment between Deadpool and Evan (the cloned Apocalypse) concluding with a truly laugh out loud moment..

We finally find out what old future Logan whispered into Wolverine's ear...

And finally...without spoilers...we find out the true fate...err fates.... of Fantomex...something that foreshadows things to come in Volume 2.

Wrapping up a story run is never an easy thing for a writer and frequently done bad (I'm looking at you Lost), but this ending felt right for the book and I couldn't be more satisfied. 

If this book isn't in your reading stack, I highly recommend you pick it up. If you haven't been on board this ride, do yourself a favor and pick up the trades. You won't regret it.

This is a series that I soon will not forget....just Remender...