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Review: Uncanny X-Force #17

Posted By: chrisb
Wed, 11/09/2011 - 14:19

The Dark Angel Saga continues here, and our heroes finally get some help from some A.O.A. friends of their own! 

Hands down, Rick Remender out does himself each and every issue! His mind churns out some of the most insane, and yet the most enjoyable, books on the shelves today. If you want to know how amazing the world of comic books can be -- just pick up a copy of Uncanny X-Force, any copy, and you will know instantly!

Issue 17 reveals just how far gone Warren Worthington has fallen behind the guise of Archangel, and in turn, how much damage he will inflict upon his former teammates if they stand between him and his maniacal plan. Psylocke has been transformed into Death, Deadpool has been taken off the board, Deathlok has been corrupted -- all looks lost! Until, with the stench of brimstone and a familiar "BAMF," the Amazing X-Men enter the fray! But will these alternate heroes be enough to stop Archangel's plans of world domination? 

Remender mixes high stakes battle sequences with nostalgic glimpses into the X-Men's past, creating a book that will please any comic fan! Plus, Jerome Opena is back in all his dazzling glory on art chores. Not that other artists don't do a great job on this book, but Opena takes Remender's story to a whole other level! This magic duo creates one of the best books on the stands each and every month. With a ton of questionable quality books on the shelves at your LCS, you never have to worry about being let down with Uncanny X-Force

Exciting, adrenaline pumping action and the return of some fan favorite X characters has this one earning top rank for me this week. There is nothing like a Nightcrawler that isn't afraid to kill to get the job done! But don't take my word for it -- get out there and pick up the best X book on the shelves!