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Review: Uncanny Avengers #6

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 04/10/2013 - 11:58


If you have been reading the Marvel NOWThor, you will get additional enjoyment out of this time-traveling issue of Uncanny Avengers.

If not, you're still bound to love it!

For a hero who could have been portrayed by a cardboard cutout last issue, the God of Thunder (even without his Uru hammer) comes on mightily here in a younger incarnation wherein humility (and Don Blake) were yet to be discovered.

The initial battle between Apocalypse and young Thor was a brief one, but after Thor utilizes a weapon very seldom used by Asgardians -- a book! -- he is able to transform his ax into apparently THE mightiest weapon in the Nine Worlds and parts of Britain!

Once again, Rick Remender proves to be the Kontinuity King and deserves nothing but praise as All-Father Odin tells Thor about the pact between the Skyfathers and Celestials from the beautiful issue of Thor by Mark Gruenwald and Ralph Maccio which ended Roy Thomas' brilliant arc "Celestials Saga." Smart!

The manoeuvres of Loki (?), Kang, his younger self Rama-Tut and Apocalypse fill this Thor-centric adventure with a sophistication reminiscent of classic Avengers tales.

And welcome to new artist Daniel Acuna, whose images and colors brought Remender's great action to life, from long-ago Scandinaviato a breath-taking view of Asgard and  Bifrost ( and Heimdall!). Hope your stay is a long one, sir.

Uncanny Avengersis quickly becoming the book carrying on the classic voices of Lee/Kirby, Thomas/Buscema, Stern/Milgrom etc., mutants (sorry, Alex) regardless.