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Review: Uncanny Avengers #12

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Sun, 09/29/2013 - 13:30
I love continuity. It was a foundation element Merry Marvel was first built upon and continues to be important to give superhero stories weight, at least to my mind.
That said, a tool normally well used by writer Rick Remender mindlessly runs amok here as Uncanny Avengers #12 soon morphs from a terrorizing look at the terrifying madness of the Red Skull into a solid information dump and plot thread sewing kit.
Writer Chris Claremont was often guilty of this during his hay day with John Burns on Uncanny X Men. Sometimes you might as well have been doing an interview with the scribe as his characters mapped out past and future.
Here too, Remender seems to lose track of his characters voices, one of his best features as a writer, in order to shore up those continuity strings to adventures past. And while I applaud this effort to remind us these are characters who have lived lives and have a history, this issues is just too much IMHO.
There are some excellent moments, especially in the beginning. I certainly got chills during those terrible death camp scenes, having been a fan emotionally affected by Days of Future Past. And the Wanda/Simon scene tugs at history, but overall something seems missing.
Certainly missed was artist Daniel Acuna who had been blowing things out of the water on this book. Salvador Larroca does a competent job but Acuna had established a feel on this book and that was most definitely missing.
Uncanny Avengers #12 is a mediocre issue of a great comic. That is just the judgment for this month.
More excitement looms ahead, I am sure.