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Review: ThunderCats (2011): "Sight Beyond Sight" Spoilers (Episode 10 Season 1)

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Fri, 11/04/2011 - 23:53



This is going to be a quick recap, because not much happens. The episode started off with race, but ended at a snail's pace!

And where the heck is Mumm-Ra?!

Basically what happens is the T-Cats, in searching for one of the stones, found a village of giant elephantmen who can't remember a darn thing! They meditate and go on about harmony and such (think Hinduism, as one of them even sounds like a native of India). Well, their leader tells Lion-O to use the Sword of Omens to find the stone -- but Lion-O is out of sync and can't get in tune with himself. 

From there we are witness to some nonsense with WileyKitt and the E-Men playing "instruments" in unison causing a few boulders to turn to rubble. Giant bees arrive and take their harvest -- with everybody just watching. But then the T-Cats decide to spring into action and use a sword and a stick against thousands of flying insects. Yeah, not gonna do it.

Lion-O isn't going to take that sitting down and goes after the Bees. He follows the bees to their cave sealing them in. Unbeknownst to the Lord of the Thundercats, the insect's buzzing kept a rock giant asleep. Now that the buzzing has stopped, the giant awakens and heads for the village.

See Lion-O, your actions have consequence! Instead, you should have just meditated like the E-Men and things would have been find and dandy (I thought we went over this sorta behavior last episode?).

Anyway, the T-Cats have really no effect against the rock giant -- but the music the E-Men and the Cats created earlier does. Safe to say the rock giant is no more.

See, it's all about harmony!

With that, Lion-O gives "sight beyond sight" one more shot, and somehow it works. Well, not exactly as the stone wasn't where it appeared to be. Hope is not lost as the leader of the E-Men knows about some magical mystical forest that might be of assistance. Of course, he can't recall where it is.

This is the lamest episode, yet. Really no action or adventure, and I think I nodded off a few times to that music, so pardon me if I missed something.

I hope things start to pick up real quick and keep steady. how did that go?