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Review: Thundercats (2011): "Legacy" Episode 7 Season 1 (Spoilers)

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 09/05/2011 - 00:56


Quite a revealing episode we have here with the seventh of the new Thundercats in "Legacy!"

Last time, saw Lion-O recover the long lost Book of Omens only to open it and discover -- nothing inside! However, as the new Lord of the Thundercats matures in his role as King, so does his wisdom - and he quickly realizes all may not be as it seems. He surmises the Book just might not be magic, that it might be technology-based, and tries to figure a way to power it up.

And power is unleashed!

The power within the Book Of Omens pulls Lion-O's soul out from his body and into the pages. There, Lion-O encounters the shade of Jaga! The priest reveals that the book is made up of neither magic nor technology, that Lion-O will find answers within, and that Lion-O must pass some kind of test -- or the book will be shut to Lion-O forever!

Lion-O's soul is then transferred into the body of his ancestor, Leo, where it is revealed that he is the right hand cat to -- Mumm-Ra! The Thundercats of this time are working with Mumm-Ra trying to discover the "War Stone" -- which is to become the Eye Of Thundera as we know it! Lion-O (again, acting as Leo) informs his master that he has discovered the location, and is off to acquire it.

As Lion-O makes his way through Mumm-Ra's spaceship, he encounters different races of animals that are slaves to The Ever Living. Here, we see the Tigersharks, Silverhawks, Jackals, Vultures, Lizards and more races, of course, related to classic - and upcoming - characters such as Vultureman, Jackalman and Slithe (who we have seen). The slaves are to go about and help conquer this planet where the War Stone was discovered, but first -- an uprising occurs! Lion-O and his girlfriend squash the riot and take the leaders of the Jackals and Lizards to a more secluded prison cell. It is revealed that it was all a setup, as the Cats wish to make an alliance with all the races to put down Mumm-ra. They all realize if Mumm-Ra gets the War Stone, no one will be able to stand up to him! And it is revealed that Leo is the one to acquire the War Stone and do just that!

With that, Lion-O (again, as Leo) meets up with, I am guessing, earlier priests as they create what is to become the Sword and Claw of Thundera from the same type of mystic metal that Mumm-Ra also posseses. Lion-O then approaches - what must be an ancestor of Tigra - to get the stone. He forcibly makes Captain Tygus give him the stone, and off to confront Mumm-Ra he goes!

If you thought the last couple battles against Mumm-Ra were pretty good -- this one was even better! 

Mumm-Ra reveals that the War Stone is not as unique as Lion-O thought - there are four! And Mumm-Ra has the other three! Mumm-Ra also has a similar gauntlet to the Claw, which the three other stones are attached to (Marvel Comics fans think Infinity Gauntlet, but more tech-like). As they battle, Mumm-Ra reveals he knows far more about the stones than Lion-O, and armors up - with the Sword of Plun-darr (though not given the name). Lion-O manages to acquire one of the stones and quickly realizes he can do the same!

The Lion will light the dark!

Lion-O powers up into some magic-tech based Lion armor and takes down Mumm-Ra! We then see Mumm-ra transform into his old bag-of-bones self, and into the Sarcophagus he goes. If you remember the scene from episode 5, with Grune and Panthro opening the Sarcophagus, this plays directly into that. 

With Mumm-Ra's defeat, the gravitational pull from the moon and the planet below (I believe) causes the spaceship to descend. It is going to crash-land -- on Third Earth!

They just revealed that Thundera is on Third Earth! The original had the TCats escape from Thundera and land on Third Earth. Wow! I watched that correctly, right?

Back to the show: Lion-O's soul then departs that of his ancestor Leo, and he is, again, standing before Jaga. 

Lion-O realizes what he must do: Unite the races and stop Mumm-Ra from getting ahold of the other stones that are scattered across Thundera!

Lion-O awakens and is determined!


A lot going on in this episode, let's see if I got it right. Feel free to add your comments below.

*Third Earth is the home of Thundera, and the home planet of the Cats.

*The other races onboard Mumm-Ra's vessel were not originally from Third Earth, but when they crash landed, adopted Third Earth as their own.

*What happened with the pact/alliance between the Cats and the races? Obviously, we know the ThunderCats and, at least, the Lizards didn't get along. Could the Cats that were on Third Earth have blamed the other races that were attempting to conquer their planet, even though as slaves under Mumm-Ra? Or as time progress, the races simply didn't get along?

*Now that Lion-O knows about the armor powers up, will we see that?

*Mumm-Ra's pyramid is actually his crashed spaceship. I believe it is diamond shaped, with one half protruding above ground, and the other, buried (or destroyed).

*With this version of Thundera being on Third Earth, does that mean there is a way to connect the original to this? Meaning the original could be far into the past of what we are seeing now?!

*Students of the occult and various secret societies will certainly recognize the All-Seeing Eye (circle within the triangle) and like symbols that are plastered all over the show (Mumm-Ra, Pyramids, Snakes, Lion etc). In addition, the theme of uniting the races/world ties into this. Something to keep an eye on when watching subsequent shows.