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Review: Thundercats (2011): "Between Brothers" - Spoilers (Episode 13 Season 1)

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sat, 11/26/2011 - 01:09


Another good one! And what an ending!

"Between Brothers" begins with a quick recap of the last one: Lion-O and Tigra enter the Astral Plane seeking the Spirit Stone, with Mumm-Ra following after. As Lion-O makes his way into the other dimension, the leader of the Elephants informs Lion-O that he will be betrayed by Tigra while inside.

Spoilers, ahoy.

(Note: this may not be in exact chronological order)

Mumm-ra uses his powers to influence and enhance the rivalry the two Cats feel toward one another. The two Thundercats witness a scene from their past in which Lion-O becomes trapped as a young cub, with the revelation that it was Tigra's fault all along. 

Words are exchanged between the two, with Lion-O accusing his brother that he has always been jealous and upset. Tigra gets angry and a sword of Omens forms out of mid-air! We'll see who is the strongest. While Lion-O's Sword of Thundera may not be able to be beat, Lion-O himself can be defeated -- and the Cats battle, sword vs. sword, Cat vs. Cat!

Tigra gets the better of his brother, with Lion-O getting trapped inside a large well - similar to the scene from their past. However, we see the flashback of what took place after young Lion-O fell. Tigra immediately regretted his actions and ran back to their father, King Claudius, for help. Just as he did then, now Tigra would not betray his brother, and goes down to give his younger sibling assistance. Something is amiss in the Astral Plane, and Tigra realizes it is an outside influence -- Mumm-Ra!

Meanwhile, Grune, Slithe and the Lizard Army have surrounded the entrance to the Astral Plane. Mumm-Ra has given orders not to attack, as he will be stuck forever inside if the entrance is destroyed. However, Grune still wishes to continue on, with Slithe remarking that Grune resembles more a snake!

Panthro asks the Elephants for assistance in defending against the oncoming onslaught, but they decide to medidate on it - much to the dissatisfaction of the eldest Thundercat. Panthro begins making plans of his own, and sets up a mine field. Here, he tells WileyKit and Cat the story of how Grune lost his front sabretooth. They were fighting in the Lizard War and hid inside a cave where they encountered - Spidera! Weaponless and with Panthro captured inside a web, Grune tore his own tooth out to kill their enemy! With that Grune told Panthro something to the effect to "risk everything to kill your enemy."

As the Lizard Army advances, the mine field slows them down. In addition, the Thundertank, driven by Panthro, is used to take out some of the Mechs (I noticed the Mechs had "lizard" tales, which I thought was a cool touch! Must have missed that before). However, Panthro's real target is Grune, which he finds sneaking toward the entrance to the Astral Plane.

They go at it!

Back to the Astral Plane, Mumm-Ra decides that since the brothers will not destroy themselves -- he will have to do it!

"Ancient spirits of evil, transform this decayed form into -- Mumm-Ra The Ever Living!"

A fully powered Mumm-Ra unleashes on the two, forcing them back. As Lion-O falls, a glowing red light is revealed underneath.

Back to Panthro vs. Grune, with Panthro suggesting they go at it hand-to-hand. The nunchucks and mace are ditched, with the two bareknuckle brawling. 

In the meantime, the Lizard Army is getting closer and closer. As one of the mine's exploded, a Lizard soldier dropped his laser rifle. A young WileyKat attempts to use it - - and succeeds in more ways than one! The discharge not only takes out some of the slithering reptilians, but the kickback forces the gun backwards as a projectile taking out even more. 

There are too many of the Lizards though, and as they get even closer - the Elephants assemble! Per their size they are stronger than heck! Slithe confronts one of them, but he is no match for the brutish size the mammoth's carry. The Elephant grabs Slithe's gun and breaks it into pieces! Slithe cannot believe it and the invasion is repelled!

Back inside the Astral Plane, Lion-O figures out that the Sprit Stone they have been looking for is right underneath them! This has been foreshadowed throughout the entire episode, and Lion-O uses his Claw Shield Gauntlet to penetrate the glowing red surface. He absorbs the Stone, which appears on the Claw. However, Mumm-Ra is not done yet! He attempts to blast the brothers, but Lion-O calls forth a shield!

Let's see what this thing can do!

"Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats! Ho!"

Lion-O's arm becomes armored with the Stone -- shown fueling the Eye Of Thundera! A huge blast emits from Lion-O sending Mumm-Ra back! Now the Astral Plane has become unstable and Lion-O and Tigra must make their way out!

Back to Panthro!

It's basically been a stalemate, but now that the entrance to the Astral Plane is collapsing -- it has pulled Grune in! Grune yells at Panthro to save him!

Will Panthro help his "brother" in arms (much how Tigra helped Lion-O)?

Hell, no!

Panthro offers Grune the same advice he received at the battle against the Spidera! With that they both are seemingly pulled into the Astral Plane!

A bright white/yellow light envelops everything!

Tigra and Lion-O have escaped, in addition we see a black raven exiting the Entrance as well. 

Panthro is shown waking up -- with no arms!

Panthro's arms, along with Grune, have been sealed inside the Astral Plane!

Panthro has no arms!

We're not done yet, folks!

The "epliogue" takes place at the Elephant Village. Lion-O checks up on Panthro, who with arms bandaged seems to be in fine spirits - at least normal for Panthro.

A conversation is then shown between the leader of the Elephants and Lion-O. The E-Man informs Lion-O that he still will be betrayed, to which Lion-O says he won't.  However, the E-man says it will be by the time the dinner bell sounds, which it hasn't.

Then we are shown Tigra and Cheetara. A visibly upset Tigra tells her he knows who she has chosen. Cheetara then retells the story of how she became a Monk, and that she remembered the flower Tigra left for her. In actuality, the flower was edible and helped sustain her as she waited outside the Monk's doors. She also still carries a piece of it on her at all times, and with that -- kisses Tigra!

Lion-O is shown looking on, mouth wide open.

Bong! The dinner bell goes off.


Great episode! Lot of foreshadowing took place with Lion-O, Tigra, Panthro and Grune.

How many thought Tigra was going over to the Dark Side?!

Hey, that wouldn't have been Thundercats, then! Actually, might have been cool! Anway...

I didn't foresee Panthro losing his arms! Wow! However, I don't think it's too hard to figure out how they replace them. Panthro-Borg!

Question: Why didn't Slithe and the Lizard Army simply shoot the Elephants? Guess, they were too surprised. I'm fine with it.

I wonder if Mumm-Ra will gain any of the stones? Or if it will simply be Lion-O gaining a stone and each time defeating Mumm-Ra with a new power set?

Personally, I'm rooting for the Ancient Spirits of Evil!