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Review: Thundercats (2011): "Berbils" - Spoilers (Episode 9 Season 1)

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sun, 10/30/2011 - 02:53


Like the original, I couldn't stand these little furballs! They are too cute, too cuddly and just like the Ewoks in Star Wars - too stupid for this series!

Recap (Spoilers)

Basically what happens here is the Thundercats are out of food, shelter and the Thundertank is kaputtsville. The T-cats fall asleep and when they awake, the Thundertank is fixed and they have shelter and food.

Enter the Ro-Bear Berbils.

They are exactly the same as in the original, save they turn into balls and roll. Maybe they did that in the original, I can't recall.

The Berbils end up bringing the T-cats to their home, which is a combination Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory and Rainbow Bright (or something). Panthro is his same old crabby self and realizes you don't get something for nothing. Just then, the Conquador attacks with a tank of his own and captures some of the Berbils to sell. The Thundercats try to help out, but to no avail. The battle sees one of the Berbils get injured. For some reason, the other Berbils have a hard time fixing him so Panthro steps in.

While Panthro couldn't fix the Thundertank and the Berbils could, Panthro can fix the Berbils -- but the Berbils can't repair their own? Huh?

Back to the story, the Thundercats go after the Conquador who is selling the Berbils to the highest bidder. The Cats intervene freeing the Berbils with the Conquador and few of his Troll and Giant buddies in hot pursuit. Another battle ensues with the Berbils and the T-Cats victorious. We are witness to some cool Thundertank action.

The episode finishes with Panthro and Robear Bill laughing together.


Missed opportunity: At the end, how many people wanted to see Lion-O smash the Conquador, and in the process, the Conquador's armor would have split apart revealing what lies underneath? Maybe he wouldn't have been able to breathe, but still would have been better than just letting him go.

I don't think this was the best episode to come back to after a six week lay off. It might have worked better in between a couple of the more serious episodes, but this wasn't a promising start to the second half of season one. I'm beginning to think this series is having a tough time finding its target audience as there are episodes that come off as being mature, and then there are episodes that come off as way too young, such as this one. The music score and animation are top notch so that is still going for it, but I would like to see the writing improve. The more I watch, the more this seems to be missing something. It's as if I keep waiting for -- something. Maybe it's a cool intro, maybe it's Lion-O actually saying "Thundercats Ho!" for a good reason. 

I'll leave you with this: One thing I did like about the episode was that it showed the Berbils, who were essentially pacifists, take up arms and defend their own. That I did like. And a lesson taught for some, right there.