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Review: Thunderbolts #15 (Infinity)

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 09/19/2013 - 22:50

If you are looking for a little comic relief in between issues of Infinity #3 and New Avengers #10, Thunderbolts #15 might be the issue for you.

The major problem with the issue is the same as with Thunderbolts #14, and that is it's not an Infinity tie-in, but another Marvel cash grab in an attempt to boost sales through an event gimmick. While this issue wasn't as lacking in Infinity content as TBolts #14 -- which had none -- three-fourths of #15 is spent with the characters bickering amongst themselves, which I don't find that entertaining. The Thunderbolts don't even get into the thick of things this issue, which means readers will have to cough up almost ten bucks to get the Infinity action they first purchased the book for when Thunderbolts #16 becomes available. Ridiculous.

The art is the type where fans are going to love it or hate it. Now Soule's dialogue isn't bad as he has a good grasp on the characters, which Palo's art is perfect for, as Thunderbolts isn't a serious attempt on much of anything; actually, it reads more as if it's a parody. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but when the main Infinity event issues and related Avengers tie-ins are filled with a dark and gritty storyline with realistic art, reading Thunderbolts is quite the shock. Again, that is what Marvel may be looking for with the series, but it's not what I am.

Wait for the next issue if you really want the Infinity tie-in.