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Review: Threshold #5

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 05/08/2013 - 18:20

Jediah Caul retrieves his green lantern and faces Brainiac as Keith Giffen's "The Hunted" in DC's Threshold begins to find itself and dramatically picks up its pace.

If you have invested any of yourself in this cosmic saga, the first few pages of "The Hunted" will shock you with its suddenness as a continuing character bites the dust.
All of a sudden, this game on Glitternet is no longer a game!
There is the customary Giffen wit on display here, especially between the frazzled K'Rot and the haughty game show host Adonis, in whose domicile dwelled Caul's power battery.
Giffen puts the pirate-with-a-heart Caul through an emotional wringer here, trying to figure if he should be more concerned with his own needs or the needs of others (eg, those in the newly bottled city of Tolerance.
And of course, in the backup, Larfleeze continues his search in deep space with the Star Rovers for his stolen "treasures."
Giffen is at his comedic best with Agent Orange!