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Review: Threshold #4

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 04/10/2013 - 11:44


The secret thrill as Keith Giffen's "The Hunted" continues in Threshold #4 is inside the gate fold cover.

I almost wish DC had not placed one of my favorite space-based villains of all time on the cover, because even with it the shock and suspense (and humor) were off the charts.

All our characters are beginning to take on depth. This go-round, this was especially true of K'Rot, Ember and Ilda the 'Bot. Use of other-worldly tech, a standoff between Caul and K'Rot, and a little actual outer space action made Threshold #4 leagues above its predecessors.

Giffen is finally getting his galactic groove on here!

The art, this time around shared between regular Tom Randy and Phil Winslade, blends well together. Unlike some Green Lantern outings, this offering is rather smooth and, well, cosmic.

So what is the prize Caul and K'Rot seek? What is the fate of the city of Toleranceand its peoples? And who is this "super" mystery alien villain?

Well, as for the latter, readers of my latest Brew's Crew column might have a head start on others. (Hint, hint.)

So support this mag and enjoy, or a 6-foot space rabbit will blast you silly.

Oh, and Larfleeze? Still fighting and funny as ever. Cannot wait for the ongoing.