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Review: Threshold #3

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 03/14/2013 - 16:16



That is the word to describe Threshold #3. The plot, the scripting, the humor, the art, the backup.


Remember back in the day (for those of you who can) when you really got a great deal of story packed into that FF, Avengers or JLA mag? The splash page was the splash page and sometime, if you were lucky, you might get another somewhere in the issue -- maybe a new villain appearing, a dramatic life-or-death moment with a longtime supporting cast member, a last page cliffhanger.

Today you have very little writing/mood in books (works with some, not with others) and the art carries the load. You have books with two, three large two-page spreads and you spend five minutes reading a four buck book!


Keith Giffen's The Hunted is going from a Caul book to a large ensemble book and they seem, slowly, to be coming together! T'om T'omarra seems to be heading up the lot and drawing in Hunted selectees for some grand move.

And if you have been reading both sections in this space anthology, you see Giffen is doing some world building in deep space with these cosmic characters he is reinventing.

Indeed, besides the packed plot/script and Giffen humor, half the fun of this book is looking up these characters on Wiki and seeking how they have been changed for the New 52.

And while the change in artists did not bother me midway through the book as much as I thought it would, the real hero of #3's Hunted section is colorist Andrew Dalhouse whose command of hue, especially in the Blue Beetle pages, dictates mood and presents a great atmosphere.

So K'Rot and Rancor are buddies, eh? Where might this lead Caul?

Larfleeze's backup is just a joy and looks to be a labor of love for both Giffen and Scott Kolins. I truly look forward to Agent Orange's oncoming and new backups with our expanding DCUspace cast here in this anthology mag.

And with the arrival of one of Kirby's New Gods, this is shaping up to be some mag going forward! (And remember you read about the coming of Fourth Worldcharacters first right here in my CBNinterview with Giffen!)

A most enjoyable book, certainly on my pull list!