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Review: Thor: God of Thunder #16

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 12/19/2013 - 00:04

From the plains of Jotunheim to the concrete canyons of Midgard, writer Jason Aaron continues to lead readers on a jaunty quest like no other as Thor and his League of Realms battle the bloody hordes of Malekith the Accursed.

Not since the days of Gerry Conway have the Nine Realms and outer environs been so vividly brought to life. Not since the era of Walter Simonson has a Thor mag been so quickly read, only to force us to go back and read it again (this time looking at the wondrous art by Ron Garney and Emanuela Lupacchino).

This is a rare comic indeed, and thoroughly satisfying!

Continuing from last ish, Thor and allies grieve the death of one of their fellows while at the same time facing a threat by the Frost Giants. The alliance between the giants and Malekith is tenuous at best, and combat is a stalemate at this juncture as certain members come to believe a traitor is in their midst.

Those who have yet to read this book, I can only offer that you will be shocked at who the traitor may be and what happens on the team’s way to discovering said snitch.

Jason Aaron is to be applauded for bringing life to Thor, God of Thunder, both amid and despite the two cinematic offerings. This is Thor at his best, traveling the Nine Realms, all of outer space and Earth as needed.

I cannot wait for the conclusion of this battle next month. What a book!