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Review: Teen Titans #1 (Lobdell & Booth)

Posted By: chrisb
Tue, 09/27/2011 - 21:21

I have never read Teen Titans before, I just want to put that out there. So, going into this I had no preconceptions regarding the book. Yes, I knew all the characters that had been on all the different variations of the team, but I didn't really KNOW them. But I have to say, Lobdell and Booth will make everyone who reads this WANT to know them!

Though only focusing on three of the characters featured on the cover, Red Robin, Kid Flash and "Don't call me Wonder Girl!" - we are thrown into a DCnU that is on the cusp of a teenage metahuman menace. Though the older heroes, Batman, Supes etc., are seen as beacons of hope, their younger versions are seen as a threat to all humanity. Sound familiar? I keep thinking of another word that starts with "M" instead of metahuman. But the feel and the overall vibe, really works for this book. It is fresh, exciting and captivating to see characters we all know emerge in a whole new light. And the fact that the teenage "heroes" are being taken out and collected, gives an aura of fear to the DCnU that has never been present before.

Lobdell creates a book that grabs you from page one and pulls you along through 22 pages of adrenaline! Conspiracy, action and great characterization makes this book my pick of the week! Plus, Booth brings excitement to every panel with his usual amazing art! I truly am shocked at how well done the costume designs are for these characters! At first I was a little put off about the "robin wings," but they are actually a great concept and serve more than just a superficial purpose. But the character that blew me away is Kid Flash. Still cocky and brash, but totally clueless as to how to be a "hero," he is the character anchored this book for me, giving it a true teenage feel and a sense of realism.

Besides the bland logo, everything else about this book is electric! Lobdell and Booth have created a fun book that will hook you from the first panel!