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Review: Swamp Thing #2 (Snyder & Paquette)

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 10/05/2011 - 17:27

Warning: Spoilers


The first issue left me a bit perplexed as I wasn't too sure what was going on, particularly with the ending.

The second issue, while explanations were given, left me a little confused, as well. From what I gather, because I'm not that familiar with the original stuff, Snyder ret-conned the previous incarnation of Swamp Thing. Basically, Snyder made it known that Alec Holland wasn't the Swamp Thing, that the accident in the lab actually prevented him from becoming what he was meant to be. There is a lot involved within the first half of the issue as a/the(?) Swamp Thing explains this all to a reluctant Holland. Swampie informs Holland that Holland is the chosen one, that something is coming and Holland will be the one to stop it. However, Holland rejects the offer of the "Green."

If my reading is correct, it seems the previous Swamp Thing wasn't even actually the real Alec Holland. That's because Holland was the chosen one, and when he suffered the accident his body perished, with "Green" attempting to replicate and bond with him resulting in a failed attempt, which became the previous version of Swamp Thing as we knew it. Now, with the Flashpoint reboot, Alec Holland has found new life, and the Green wants to bond with him correctly to become the savior known as Swamp Thing.

In addition, the Swamp Thing who narrated and appeared in the first half of the story had to be explained, as well. So I take it he was just the older new DCU version of Swamp Thing?

I'm pretty sure that is right.

From there, the issue gets good as we see more of those "Exorcist" zombies as they attempt to take Holland out of the picture. As Holland has rejected Swamp Thing, the odds are against him, but hope arrives in the form of something that the "Green" warned Holland about. And the issue concludes there.

My big question would be: If the woman with white hair wanted him dead, why would she save him? Because she wanted to do it herself? Ehhh...

I do like this book, but it seems to be too far bogged down with the previous Swamp Thing comics. Maybe Snyder and DC felt they owed readers some explanation, and hopefully this issue is all we will be getting.

Paquette's art was just as good as in the first, his style really brings the "horror" out of this book. The pages with the "Linda Blairs" are shocking and horrifying. Good stuff!

Another plus, is the fact that this ties into Jeff Lemire's Animal Man. As the "Green" plays a part here, over in Lemire's Animal Man is the "Red," which gets a mention in this issue.

Regardless if I find myself scratching my head at times, I do really enjoy the book. No worries as I am still onboard and looking forward to #3.