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Review: Superman #714

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 08/02/2011 - 15:11

*Warning: Spoilers*


Rest easy Superman fans, the Man Of Steel is back!

Did you really think otherwise?

Maybe so if you have been following the recent arc, which not only grounded Big Blue, but also seemingly buried everything any super fan has come to find appealing regarding their favorite super hero.

If you have not been following this - can't blame ya - this is an issue every reader of Superman will enjoy and not want to miss.

I'm not sure just who to credit on this one, whether it is JMS or Chris Roberson, but I can say it's the best darn issue of Superman since "World of New Krypton." 

Questions are answered, mysteries are unfolded -- and all the politically correct baloney previously littering DC's number two action-oriented-comic has been thrown out the window.

Superman #714 is a great conclusion to this very questionable storyline that saw Kal-El walk the earth in order to re-discover just why the world needs a Superman. It is too bad that the head writer chose to spotlight his own political convictions (that's in my opinion, folks!) throughout this run, instead of giving us just what this issue presented. 

The issue gives an explanation as to why we all disliked this so very much, and does it in such a way as to make it a complete story that ties into the other "grounded" issues, while a majority of those said issues gave us no clue as to the cause - at least until Mr. Roberson came on board.

Regarding Mr. Roberson, I sure as heck hope DC Editorial gives him a shot - at some point - to pen the big guy during the relaunch. He is definitely owed at least this much considering the mess he had to clean up when he took over for JMS. 

Jamal Igle is on for the art chores, and does a simply wonderful job. Per the cover blurb, "Grounded No More," this issues offers us something we have not seen as much - action! Fans should get a kick out of the last panel, too!

With this, Superman will be relaunched next month in Action Comics #1 and Superman #1 -- and I say "let him fly!"