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Review: Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #4 (Infinity)

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 10/10/2013 - 02:02

I think we have a winner here, folks, as Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #4 succeeds in giving us an issue that ties into Infinity, progresses the Superior Spider-Man storyline, and for a bonus, promotes the Matt Fraction Inhumanity upcoming event.

The issue sees the Superior Spider-Man attempt to take down a newly-powered Inhuman who can wipe out electricity. Robert Rodi nails the Superior Spider-Man completely as the dialogue is spot on. Likewise, the art team of Del Mundo and D'Alfonso is perfect. On one hand the art is gritty to match the ruthlessness of Superior Spider-Man, but on the other it is at times opposite of that, which matches the powers of the new Spidey foe.

With NYC losing power and an alien invasion looming overheard, Supes Spidey has to take this new foe out rather quickly. He can't rely on overpowering Fulmina, so in typical Doc Ock fashion must outwit her and succeeds rather brilliantly in that. What's nice about the issue is that Rodi just didn't end the issue there, but built it up to Fulmina taking on Thanos' second wave, giving us the fate of the new foe (or hero!). Well done.

With Amazing Spider-Man 2 right around the corner, we also see hints of Peter Parker returning. Rodi leaves a few breadcrumbs for those Parker fans, as well as gives a peek inside Superior Spider-Man's head giving us a look at Ock!

The issue was nicely put together, a smooth read, and didn't feel in the least bit forced. The transition between the Superior Spider-Man, Infinity and Inhumanity plots transitioned perfectly. While not a must buy for the Infinity event, Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #4 is one I would recommend.

This is a creative team you want to keep your eye on.