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Review: Superboy #1 (Lobdell & Silva)

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 09/13/2011 - 19:02

Scott Lobdell didn't stray too far off from the previous version of Superboy, but what he did was introduce a new element - with that being the Wildstorm Universe!

Spoilers in regards to just who appeared came out earlier, but I can tell you those spoilers didn't quite reveal everything!

Per the preview, we do see that Superboy resembles a super brain, while it is not given away just who that is, the hints are there. Furthermore, there are even elements resembling the Flashpoint: Project Superman storyline, which of course is influenced by Superboy, but I enjoyed the common threads still the same.

While the Superboy aspects were interesting, what hooked me in was the supporting cast and surrounding setting. Superboy is part of a project that sees the fusing of alien and human DNA - to create the ultimate weapon! The reasoning behind this, while again not an original concept, works because of how Lobdell establishes the plot. Just who is who, and how they are connected, should be a joy for Wildstorm fans - and just the same for new fans. I'll give a hint as a "Knight" seems to be involved.

In addition, as this is a Superman-related book, Lobdell provides us with that connection to the Superman family. Again, no spoilers, but she fits in perfectly with what is presented!

And this being Superboy, you are right if you think it connected to a titanic team whose name escapes me...

The art from Silva, Lean and The Hories offers a rather soft approach, while I am not a huge fan of the style, overall it works for this book. At times, characters seemed to come off as feeling too stiff, which I suppose does make sense for the context of the story, but the background of the final page seems to offer a bit more of what I prefer.

Lobdell manages to weave the beginning of multiple storylines into quite the fantastic read; I'm onboard for the long haul.