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Review: Suicide Squad #7

Posted By: chrisb
Wed, 03/14/2012 - 21:07

The "Hunt For Harley Quinn" storyline wraps up this issue with a dramatic conclusion that will leave you breathless! Not only that, Adam Glass gives us Harley's secret origin in which we witness just how far one has to fall in order to survive life with the Joker!

Did someone say Joker? This book is the only place you can actually see more of the Joker than just his torn off face hanging on a wall! Not that you won't see that flapping piece of flesh in this book either, because you will, but you are finally witness to The New 52 version of one of DC's most maniacal villains. And the things he does to impress the girls is a little over the edge! 

But that is what this book is all about! Suicide Squad revolves around a cast of villains, recruited by Amanda Waller, to do jobs that are just too dirty for anyone else to do. And if they happen to get out of line? Boom!! The nano bombs in their blood explode into a fiery mess, leaving an opening on the squad for new blood. Adam Glass has taken the classic concept of this "team" book and thrown out the rule book! It is a viscous, brutal book teeming with excitement and, at times — hilarity! Glass really draws you into these characters. He creates an aura of desperation where not only do you want to see what the characters do best, in all it's bloody glory, but you actually root for them to survive every mission. And that therein lies the rub! This book, especially this issue, sees a lot of characters perish from beginning frame to end panel. Some you are shocked by the demented way Glass achieves his goal, while others, characters we have grown quite fond of — we are completely astounded by! This book will rock you each and every month!

Adam Glass is as insane as his cast of characters and when you read this issue, you will completely agree with me! But that is what makes this book so damn fun! Crazy clowns, assassins, exploding heads, killer sharks and — the Joker! Everything you need for a cozy night in!