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Review: Suicide Squad #6

Posted By: chrisb
Wed, 02/08/2012 - 23:57

Harley Quinn has broken out of Belle Reeve prison, and Amanda Waller will not let that jeopardize her plans for the Task Force X program. "Suicide Squad" has been given their orders -- bring Harley back any way you can!

Adam Glass is insane! Thank the Lord for that! This book is riddled with bullets and blood, midget clowns and man-eating sharks, and yes the rumors are true -- good ol' puddin' is thrown in there, too! The Joker has finally made his full debut in the new DCnU, not just a skinned face pinned to a wall! And even though it is through flashbacks that we see our insane fiend, it is well worth it! 

Though the hype has been about the Joker's appearance, it is the origin of Harley Quinn that is the most intriguing part of this book. What could ever make Dr. Harleen Quinzel into one of the most deranged characters in the DCnU? Glass gives us an intense analyzation of how a devious mind can sift through your thoughts, finding the triggers within that will change you forever. The back and forth between Harley and the Joker is pitch perfect, leaving you with the feeling of two caged animals eyeing each other for weaknesses. A well played chess match that will leave one of them scarred and both of them smitten.

Adam Glass may well be insane, but his writing is completely engrossing. From the Harley horde to the eventual realization as to where Harley is truly going, Glass gives us an emotional roller coaster that is coated slick with blood! Not only does he create a solid tale of mayhem for his own book, he even intertwines storylines that are concurrently going on in Stormwatch, Green Arrow and Detective Comics! Amazing!

This is my "fun" pick of the week! It has everything a favorite comic needs to let you escape from reality for awhile. Guns, girls, razors, bullets, Siamese cross dressers -- you name it, and Glass throws it in! But enough about what I think, get this book and enjoy one hell of a ride!