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Review: Suicide Squad #1 (Glass & Dallocchio)

Posted By: chrisb
Wed, 09/14/2011 - 01:53

Okay, Suicide Squad has been re-released more times than Batman has trounced the Joker! And every time the premise is the same thing -- bad guys get picked by the government, usually Amanda Haller, to do dirty jobs no one else will. And if they just so happen to die in the line of duty -- oh well! But there is something else that happens every time it is brought back to comic shop shelves -- I buy it and love it! This time is no different!

Some people may say that this book was predictable and to some extent -- it was. But that doesn't change the fact that it was a well written book that pushed the boundaries in what you have seen in DC comics thus far. It is definitely a much darker look into the corners of the new DCnU, one that is filled with torture and mental scarring. It is sadistic and yet very realistic, which makes the story that much more disturbing. And yet I was enthralled on every page, intently following the tales of just how these characters found themselves in such a brutal situation. Glass out did himself on this one! And I must applaud Adam Glass' attempt to stay true to the history of Suicide Squad by leaving Deadshot on the team. While other characters may come and go, sometimes to the morgue, Deadshot is the constant that anchors the book. And believe me, this new team will definitely need some anchoring! Though I don't want to ruin all the players for you, the cover says it all -- Harley Quinn!

My only complaint about the book would be the art. There are just too many artists on this book! I understand trying to use a different artist to convey different timelines or situations that occurred, but three artists just made the book seem too chopped up into little segments. One artist with a different colorist for past images would have visually achieved the same goal while leaving the fluidity of the tale intact. But my complaint is minor in comparison to my praise!

For those who like spy stories with a bit of an edge, you have to try this one out! It will surely give you enough bang for your buck! And a little electrocution and a little bit of rats and some bugs thrown in for good measure and a few limbs lost and ...