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Review: Stormwatch #9

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 05/03/2012 - 08:26

Everyone who is still following Stormwatch (and if you’re not, why not?) has been wondering how new writer Peter Milligan would “bring it” to this cosmic combo of covert characters.

Well, after reading #9 with its links to two alien menaces, I can equivocally say: brilliantly!

Milligan hops right on board without missing a character beat and heightens the suspense with a little knowledge leaked here and there of his own making while following up established quirks and concerns in a very breezy manner indeed.

Nice to see the artwork of CBN fave Miguel Sepulveda back again, even though I understand he too will be departing in the future. His touch on Stormwatch is how we New 52 recruits were introduced to the characters (not to mention his great work on The Thanos Imperative for Marvel Cosmic’s death throw) so his is the images to match or beat on this book, IMHO.

Tying Stormwatch to any of the Lantern franchise is smart because we are “world building” here and they now do occupy one universe. Seeing Apollo can head-to-toe with a vaunted Red Lantern and his ring of hate was thrilling. (And Midnighter almost became a Red Lantern!)

I hope we can continue this pace and quality on this book, because I tend to fear the next “Next Wave.” I do not want it to wash all this cosmic fun away.

And if you are again looking for a jumping-on point for Stormwatch, this week’s issue would be a great place to try. Just hang on!