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Review: Stormwatch #6

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 02/01/2012 - 18:58

Stormwatch writer Paul Cornell gives us a marvelous, cosmic character-driven swansong of an issue this month as the covert team of non-heroes’ HQ appears dangerously close to Earth real-space, the AI consciousness of the Eye comes alive (it’s Daemonite!) and Harry and the Projectress get it on in what looks like Phoenix’s White Hot Room!

And then you turn to Page 2 --!

Seriously, from #s 1-6 Cornell and artist Miguel Sepulveda have kept the concepts high-brow, the action energetic and involving, and the characters complex and interesting. Why this book is undergoing such creative changes I do not know, but I hope it is not some harbinger of doom because Stormwatch above all has become my very favorite New 52 title.

I mean, what a great vehicle with DCU and WildStorm characters to join the two universes and their histories, and perhaps at some future time (like the time of a team-up with the Justice League) to let unfold the story of the Hooded Woman from Flashpoint.

Seriously, if anyone doubts the quality of this mag just re-read the trade when and if it comes out for #s 1-6 and know that editor Pat McCallum is not going to let this excellence die (and I hope creator of the original series and quasi-DC head honcho Jim Lee will not either).

For those of us hungering for cosmic comics, Stormwatch and Green Lantern are our favorite remedies. I am sure Mr. Milligan will do a great job, and I am already excited about his first out-RAGE-ous arc.

See you for the two-issue gravity mining story next month.