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Review: Stormwatch #3

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 11/02/2011 - 17:32

Surprise on top of surprise greets the lucky reader who started this super-cosmic book when the New 52 arrived in September, and Stormwatch #3 keeps up the space action and suspense as the covert group of anti-heroes try to protect mankind and Earth while seemingly out to implode their own team.

Apollo really cuts loose as the Moon launches missiles of rock toward its parent world. I got a little tickled and had reflections of Marvel’s Sentry (another Superman-like character) when Apollo said he was sending the fragments of Moon “into the sun.”

The curiosity of Midnighter about the Eye of the Storm and the group already has him displaying detective-like characteristics such as You-Know-Who. But since the relaunch, we can actually see a meeting of this armored character and Mr. Wayne’s alter ego, perhaps in the near future?

I really like the way Harry defeated the Scourge of Worlds, but I worry about his own mental stability. And I must say I am starting to agree with Engineer about Adam’s leadership ability, no matter how old (young?) he is. No backup plan?

The real fascination this read, though, came from perhaps the most underrated hero, Jack Hawksmoor. I could not imagine how a guy who must exist in an urban area would fit into this cosmic team, but what I saw in #3 was amazing, especially from Jack’s perspective. I am still thinking this “secret” in Colorado will team with Jack (and Midnighter) to somehow subdue the Moon Monster. Flarkin’ cool!

Writer Paul Cornell is putting out more fun and original cosmic material with this relaunch than any scribe in a long time. And certainly artist Miguel Sepulveda is doing his usual great work. A fan of his Thanos Imperative work at Marvel, you do not have to sell me on his talent.

So what strange and wonderful things will come next month? I’m putting my trust in Stormwatch!