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Review: Stormwatch #2 (Cornell, Sepulveda & Barrionuevo)

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 10/05/2011 - 19:01

Simply Cosmic!

No other way to describe this New 52 offering as Stormwatch attempts to convince us this longtime guardian of our world against alien threats has been in the DCU from the beginning.

They got me sold!

What could be more cosmic than Issue #2’s threat as the Moon attacks the Earth, I ask you? And in the middle of the lunar-cy is our new hero, a guy named Harry – the Eminence of Blades, I believe – going head-to-head like Reed Richards with the Scourge of Worlds, and in the end – winning? You gotta read this!

All the characters are new to me, so it has been interesting how writer Paul Cornell has introduced them: basically via their powers and slight tips of the hat to their Wildstorm past with glances and innuendos amid a fast-paced, action-filled, globe-/solar system-trotting (read: fun) adventure.

Shoo! I have to catch my breath and it’s only issue #2! This is how it feels to read a book written for the issue rather than for the trade, if any of you younger readers are wondering what’s up. Fun, huh?

It’s also nice to see old fave the Martian Manhunter strut his old badass self against “a Superman-level” character. It took me aback a little in #1 that the Midnighter was able to conquer J’onzz and buddies so quickly but that is taken care of in #2 as well.

Meanwhile, little Jenny Q. has done won my heart with her ability to do, at this point (whatever that means) “anything you want.” She’s brought the mammoth horn from the Himalayasto the Eye of the Storm via teleportation and now force fields on the lunar surface. This “century baby” is definitely gonna be one to watch!

All the cast are intriguing and being revealed in clever ways. Also, everyone in the cast (Adam-One, Engineer, even our boy Harry) wants to be leader of the pact. Seems after this issue Harry might have a step up on Adam-One.

I cannot say enough about the art of Miguel Sepulveda. Having seen him shine in DnA’s blockbuster Thanos: Imperative, he is most definitely doing his best work here. From #1’s emotional meeting of Apollo and Midnighter and the great shape-shifting of the Manhunter to #2’s Scourge/Harry convo and the lunar battle royale, the art has been as superb as the script.

Stormwatch has been the surprise of the New 52 for me and a sleeper you just need to see to believe.

Get on the bandwagon early. I hope our guys keep it Cosmic and that we never see the word “hiatus” on this galactic gem!