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Review: Stormwatch #15

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 12/06/2012 - 16:03

After a mish-mash of Stormwatches past, including a very wasted opportunity during Zero Month, writer Peter Milligan finally regains my interest in the New 52 version of this covert team with his Stormwatch #15 thriller.

Milligan finally turns the team, such as they are, upside-down, forcing the killing machine we know as Midnighter to become a virtual fugitive from his fellows. If solicits prove out, looks like our cosmic Batman will be having a tough time of it for the foreseeable future.

And of course, this also portends trouble for many fans’ favorite part of this mag, the Apollo/Midnighter coupling. It would seem things will be getting rough for this pair as well, and that also starts in this very issue and will probably in the end be a good thing.

This is the snap-action, cosmic consequences and dire straights I was looking for back in September 2011, when the New 52 Stormwatch was billed as one of the most important books of the DCnU. But after three writers and an artist Wheel-of-Fortune, something seemed to go clunk. Stormwatch’s concern over developing superheroes in the world and its interest in the Green Lantern Corps were steps in the right direction, but #15 really has Milligan hitting the story nail on its head!

Harry Tanner, always my favorite part of this book, is back and in a big way, and if I do not miss my guess some of his plans seem to be aiming toward the much-discussed Trinity War. Not that the seeds sewn by three writers including Milligan are getting ignored; far from it, as many are already coming to life.

If you have always been iffy on this title and are looking for a great jumping on place, may I recommend this week’s Stormwatch #15? Believe me, with some of the books on the stands, you can do a lot worse.

And it’s cosmic!