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Review: Stormwatch #10

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 06/06/2012 - 17:31

For those of us who have stayed with this wonderful cosmic mag since September despite the changes of the guard and naysayers, Stormwatch #10 was really something to enjoy.

Many of Paul Cornell’s hints of what Stormwatch is and how it came to be are followed up by current scribe Peter Milligan, and may I say in very enthusiastic and breathtaking form. Milligan is making his own stamp on this book while exploring an already interesting cast and mission. Imagine a covert Justice League. This is what we have, although I do see a storm a’brewin’.

The worldwide scope on Earth is adventurous, reminding me of a number of great James Bond novels. Meanwhile, the whole operation is cosmic despite its Earth-centric mission, and you never know what alien – familiar as the Red Lanterns or unfamiliar – will be stirring up Engineer & Crew.

This book was practically begging for the return of its renegade member, Harry Tanner, and the swordsman slithers in Loki-like in this very issue as some early questions are answered and others posed.

I will stay with this book until its end, even though I miss the art of Miguel Sepulveda. I can weather as many writer and artist changes as I have to in order to share the cosmic adventures of Stormwatch!