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Review: Starborn #8

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 07/13/2011 - 12:52

“For all things,” Spock once said in the Star Trek film series, “there is a time.”

Benjamin Warner’s time is now!

As he and traveling companions Tara (the girl of his dreams, also an alien ninja shapeshifter) and General Talon (you can pretty much tell by the name) waft through the firmament in the belly of their “Demon” craft. Warner is discovering, little by little, that the space adventures he used to imagine and crave as a child – well, as someone once said, the fun has been greatly exaggerated!

Comes the time to use -- the gauntlet. Son of Space Hitler or not, Warner is trying to fit into a hero’s cloth. As secrets of his saga are peeled back, layer by layer, like a cosmic onion, slowly but surely he is discovering what to do and how to do it.

Case in point: Not only does he learn to use his WMD, the gauntlet – with emphasis on the “MD” – but the results are spectacular, worse than even Tarahas ever witnessed. The result? Freedom from both Beastmen and upstart miners.

Return to Earth was inevitable given the direction of the series, but the Beastmen have beaten our crew to Sol-III and are making some discoveries of their own!

While the flavor of Starborn is still definitely Stan the Man, Chris Roberson has been very impressive in giving this property definition and an identity all of its own. His script is peppered with crisp dialogue as he -- and we -- learn everyone’s voice.

Khary Randolph and Matteo Scalera bring all this space action to life, while making everything from subtle facial nuances to big splash page action sequences (again, the gauntlet – wowsers!) live in this book. I cannot complement them enough.

If you are looking for some starborn action, and your cup of cosmic is kinda dry, try this BOOM! Studios offering. I think you will be glad you did.