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Review: Starborn #6

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 05/12/2011 - 12:07

I am really enjoying this BOOM! Studios product, and I would dare guess most cosmic readers will too.

Remember how you used to love playing space hero when you were a tot? Well, so did Ben Warner. Unfortunately, as it also did for most of us, real life was far less exciting and the only jungles we journeyed to were those of the cubicle variety.

Then, as quick as a hiccup, Ben found himself immersed in a science fiction scenario that he thought had been only his imagination!

Now, in Starborn #6, Ben continues to discover his own origins and the marvelous uses of his “oversuit” that let him battle big monster aliens and leap tall buildings – or monsters – in a single bound.

Along for the ride is his childhood sweetheart and former toddler “damsel in distress” who, it turns out, is actually an alien mistress of martial arts – and a shape-shifter. The latter talent comes in handy this time around as it gets our boy Ben out of one jam, but then right into another. Seems the humans he was protecting from the monster aliens are more afraid of him (and his suit) than they were their captors!

A frustrated Ben, half-way through the adventure, has to ask: “Aren’t we the good guys?”

Well, later comes the answer to that question as he meets (as do all comic heroes in their run of adventures, from Thor to the Scarlet Witch to Namor) his father whom, it turns out, is a “space Hitler,” in Ben’s own words.

Writer Chris Roberson does a marvelous job of keeping the atmosphere of this book lively and fun, as comics should be, even at the most serious of moments. And the art by Khary Randolph and Matteo Scalera carry on this same spirit of fun in a big, big way!

If you haven’t caught Starborn yet, try it. I think you will be amazed -- and in a nice way!