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Review: Starborn #5

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Mon, 04/18/2011 - 16:11

I always admire a reviewer who admits he is in unfamiliar territory with a read (thank you), and this certainly applies to me in the instance of reviewing Starborn #5.

Oh, I am in no way strangers with Stan Lee. Of course, he has been all fans’ main “Man” for decades, and still is.

But these latest Lee properties are unknown quantities to me, but when I first read on CosmicBookNews that The Man was creating some new sci-fi comics for BOOM! I figured I would one day be reading and/or reviewing one (being known myself around the CBNoffices as “Captain Cosmic”).

So here I am, and I am happy to say there is a “déjà vu all over again” feel to this saga – a good one!

Like our hero Benjamin Warner, I have been making up stories about outer space and sci-fi happenings for decades now, even as I worked my job as a newspaper editor. (Not as dull as Ben’s, right, but there were days …) And tales of non-humanoid aliens, living starships, space wars and Cosmic Q-Ts (sorry, Timelord) were always a part of that. (See my ongoing Wonder Worlock Fan Fic here on CBN for further proof.)

Coming in on issue #5, I like that writer Chris Roberson (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?) is still developing Warner’s back story to the point that it is reader-friendly to newbies like myself. (The “Previous” block also helps tremendously.)

While Warner’s origins are fleshed out here, he basically starts living those stories he has dreamed about novelizing since he was but a lad. I must say I find the “Demon-class starcraft,” a semi-sentient vessel reminiscent of the Acanti in Uncanny X-Men especially delightful, and it was really kick-ass in battle as well.

Without venturing into spoilers – this reallyis one you should pick up, boys and girls – we follow Benjamin this issue as he finds out about his true mother (huh?), the girl whom he has been dreaming about most of his life, a little taste of those alien cultures he thought he had made up, and a lot of thrilling action rendered to perfection (for this tale anyway) by Chaotic lead character illustrator Khary Randolph and cover artist Mattteo Scalera. Kudos also to vivid coloring (which is how it should be in space opera, IMHO) by Mitch Gerads.

This book, with the right support, has the earmarks of being a real franchise for BOOM! I hope they put some oomph behind it and I would invite fans to give it a try.

Good, imaginative stuff.