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Review: Stan Lee's Starborn #12

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 11/17/2011 - 19:48

I was sad to see both Starborn and our boy Ben Warner end their sagas this issue, but true to its predecessors #12 is a feast for the mind and eye.

Always the best of the BOOM! Studios Stan Lee properties, Starborn has risen above the ho-hum qualities of its fellows to really tell a solid tale in the manner of a great cosmic space opera.

Even during the latter days of this non-crossover crossover, Starborn has shined through as Ben, Tara and General Cur Talon zipped through space while Ben discovered his childhood fantasies were in fact realities of the most vicious kind.

Now, returning to Earth, Ben tries to sort out truths from falsehoods while battling invading aliens that mean to destroy the world. What is not to like about this great, action-packed book?

Chris Roberson has kept the script clean and crisp, and artist Khary Randolph has outdid past issues with this month’s achievement! As a said, a feast for the mind and eye.

It is sad the life of this superhero comes to an end here – at least for now? – and I hope to see this creative team with this sterling cast at some future point.

Bravo! Excellent!