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Review: Stan Lee's Starborn #11

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 10/12/2011 - 13:39

As our boy Ben Warner returns to Earth after his first space voyage, he finds the world under attack by powerful invaders. He also, before Starborn #11 is complete, will know more about the invasion – and himself – than he bargained for.

From beginning to end, scribe Chris Roberson keeps the readers on their toes with crisp cosmic action and stark space opera of a kind not usually seen in comics today.

Each explosion, each facial expression of shock and surprise is captured deftly by artist Khary Randolph who takes Roberson’s wonderful and diverse script and brings it to vibrant life. Kudos also go to Mitch Gerads for not weighing this action down with muted tones but turning up the color wheel three notches to get the most beautiful hues this side of Green Lantern.

As the core of this BOOM! Stan Lee properties “crossover,” Starborn has been the true gem among a pile of otherwise disappointing titles (although Traveler took on a little life this month). The emotions are pure, the threats seemingly real to our universe and the action and characters top notch.

Issue #12 will be this title’s swan song, and I know a good tale is headed our way. I just cannot help but already miss Ben, Tara and the General. Theirs was a cosmic journey truly worth following.

BOOM! Studios: More Starborn, please.