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Review: Soldier Zero #8

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Tue, 05/17/2011 - 23:56

It is a battle of the biotechs as writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning continue the saga of Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero.

In #8, we are back inside St. Clement’s Hospital, which itself has been “wiped” and removed to a secure area for study – along with the almost 1.000 people inside.

And inside, Stewart Trautmann continues to have control issues over his bio-suit, the body sheath that makes him Soldier Zero. The mechanics of the suit itself have driven Stewart to the brink of sanity, so when government mandroids enter the confined hospital to secure the area, Soldier Zero is at war!

Meanwhile, the entity known as Application Nine wanders the hospital trying to bring our boy Stew under control. He happens upon the in-stasis Kaylee, “the campus radio girl” and a good friend of Stew’s, and secures her assistance in bringing Stewart back from the brink.

With the scintillating sacrifice (perhaps) of Application Nine, Soldier Zero and Kaylee battle and escape the mandroids – and the covertly-hidden hospital – and wind up in --Washington State?

But the pursuit is not over and neither is the battle for control of the biotech of Soldier Zero.

DnA’s tale here is a simple one, but it carries the action well as this new hero gets to know himself. The art by Javier Pina and Archie Van Buren is clean in most places and, in some places (such as the demonstration of power by Application Nine) stunning. It carries the tale well, but when the battle is over you still feel that there is something missing.

All in all, a nice and action-packed ride this time around.