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Review: Sinestro #2

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 05/22/2014 - 00:42

Geoff Johns brought us a Sinestro we had never seen before, a villain with Marvel-esque dimensions the likes of Magneto and Doctor Doom. So it was only inevitable that he would one day get his own series. (For awhile, that was Green Lantern itself!)

Leave it to writer Cullen Bunn to not turn the page as so many writers would do, but instead build upon what Johns had created and maximize it to the Nth degree. His vulnerabilities are much more emotional (his daughter, his love for his planet, his ego) and his villainy is still there but touched with a drop of pathos that would do Chaplin proud.

This new interpretation of “fear” in the Lantern books and Sinestro’s inexplicable pursuit of it remind me in some ways of Jim Starlin’s great examination of his own villain, Thanos, and his obsession with Death. Never before has Sinestro been as alive as in Sinestro #2, even in the sagas by Johns. Bunn has taken this character in just two issues to new heights.

I know villains as such have trouble supporting books. I am hoping this is one of the exceptions.

In the art department, Dale Eaglesham has returned at last to his excellent forms with space and alien creatures looking as they should: awesome and alien! No complaints this month, and extra kudos to colorist Jason Wright, always an important crew member of any Lantern book. Perfect palette!

Sinestro may turn out to be the surprise book of the year.