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Review: Silver Surfer #4 (of 5)

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Fri, 05/20/2011 - 22:38

This is not the Silver Surfer I would like to see in a mini-series obviously, as much of its action is focused on our own third mudball from the sun and I love me some outer space. Still, writer Greg Pak does such a wonderful job of invoking the spirit of the Lee/Buscema Silver Surfer comic that I cannot help but enjoy this mini as it reaches its conclusion.

And what an issue #4 (of 5) is!

While there is great character in the narration of the human Norrin Radd, there is also great wonder in the creation of a new cosmic being by the High Evolutionary. Since he is doing Galactus-like work now, the Evolutionary feels he too needs a Herald – so goodbye Suzy Endo, hello -- Seeker!

Norrin is aided in trying to save the Earth from H.E.’s newly-acquired Power Cosmic (he has stolen Big G’s space sphere) by the new FF, who see more action in this tale than in their own revamped book of late. There are no “Clobberin’ times” or “Flame-ons,” the ladder not occurring to Radd (the absence and death of the Human Torch, that is) until Ben goes into his customary “This Man, This Monster” spiel to let Norrin know that he knows how he feels. Always a nice touch, especially as it comes with a one-panel moment of silence for Johnny.

As in DnA’s highly-recommended Iron Man/Thor mini, Pak makes great use here of the complex High Evolutionary, a noble spirit who cannot help but get in trouble. Oddly, his idea to terraform the Moon is one Reed Richards recently considered but rejected in FF (and that is mentioned herein; ahh, continuity!). Of course, such an action will mean the Moon would “reflect less light onto Earth and throw off mating and migration habits for thousands of species -- and building an atmosphere on the Moon would affect its rotation which could alter the Earth’s tides and displace 183 million people,” as succinctly put by a character I am growing fonder of every month, Val Richards.

Norrin Radd does get to return to space this issue and next issue’s finale looks like it might be a doozy!

Through this enjoyable but earthbound Pak opus, Harvey Tolibao, Iban Coello, Sandu Florea and Wil Quintana keep the art quality high and the action smoothly flowing. I especially enjoy the flashback sequences that always tie in again to today’s action.

I will miss this book after next month. Can anyone (save Pak himself) say “ongoing”?