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Review: Silver Surfer #2 (of 5)

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 03/23/2011 - 18:29


WRITER: Greg Pak

PENCILS: Harvey Tolibro & Stephen Segovia

INKS: Olazaba, Mendoza, Florer & Paz

COLORS: Wil Quintana

LETTERED BY: Dave Sharpe

PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics

RELEASE DATE: March 23rd, 2011


Yet again: Beautiful.

What I write may not be popular around the CBN offices here in an abandoned corner of Knowhere, but this mini-series is showing that cosmic can be done on Earth, and done well, thank you.

I love me some outer space adventures ala our beloved Nova and especially Guardians of the Galaxy (R.I.P.), but not every series dealing with cosmic has to occur near the first star to the left and on until morning. In fact, the most popular among our Marvel Cosmic pantheon (IMO), Captain Mar-Vell of the Kree, for a majority of his stint (including Jim Starlin’s) had his doings right here on Midgard. But cosmic they were. (God, were they!)

Writer Greg Pak, who has not exactly been silent about his joy of writing this series (refreshing), certainly has the Surfer’s Trapped-on-Earth era voice down pat (or rather, Pak, lol). As a reader of the Surfer’s original series, I can just see Stan the Man scripting these thoughts and words over John Buscema’s powerful pencils. Pak is doing Stan proud.

I am not too cool on a powerless Surfer, but I will say this: It has certainly made the stage this mini is being played upon both plausible and exciting. I had never thought about the Silver One not being able to sweat or feel or even experience a heartbeat. These types of scripts which take a hero so well known and used as the Surfer and give us new insight into that character are similar to what Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning did so well in Guardians, location be damned!

Suzi Endo is playing a great role here; and no, her resemblance to Shalla-Bal has not escaped me … or Norrin Radd either, apparently. Suzi is being used intelligently and it is plain she is her own woman. With Marvel emphasizing female heroes in this new age, here is one fine example. I hope Suzi is not lost to limbo after this mini runs its course. (Double A, it’s called an “ongoing.” Give it to us!)

And what can I say about Pak’s use of both the High Evolutionary and continuity? This tale spins great off both Chaos War and DnA’s Iron Man/Thor mini, especially the latter. H.E. (father of Him, lol) is about the most sophisticated cosmic baddie/anti-hero around and I have always loved his machinations. Pak is handling the character well.

I was a little apprehensive about the art for this book. After having seen the abominable work on the highly anticipated God Squad one-shot, I was keeping my fingers crossed. I had seen #1’s gorgeous Pagulayan/Miki/D’Auria cover long ago; I just did not know a whole lot about the pencils of Stephen Segovia and now Harvey Tolibro.

I truly believe that the art on the Surfer’s book could not be in better hands. And even though this takes place on Earth, there are splash pages and individual panels that are so powerful in their renderings that the art is -- dare I say it? – cosmic!

I so look forward to #3 but time is passing much too quickly. I hope Marvel announces a blockbuster Silver Surfer ongoing soon, and now that he is freeing himself from the writing reins of one jade giant, Mr. Pak should have some free time as well.

Just keep the art great and the quality high and we on this side of my CBN desk will be satisfied.