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Review: Severed #7

Posted By: chrisb
Wed, 02/08/2012 - 23:26

Secrets are strange things. Sometimes they are shared amongst friends, becoming a special bond between them. Sometimes they reside within a single soul, fascinating or terrible, the choice is solely theirs. But sometimes, a secret is something that is hidden so deep, it becomes forgotten. A wall built up just so we can try and live a normal life after we have lived through a nightmare. These are the secrets that are the most dangerous, because sometimes they come back to bite us again!

That is exactly the story that Snyder and crew lay before us. A secret told to protect the innocent lives that have formed around Jack Garron over the years. His wife and family have never been told the truth about what happened to his arm, it was easier that way. But now, decades later, a scorched photograph was given to his grandson, and the secret of his youth came screaming up from his memory! 

Snyder and Tuft have given us a tale that is as ancient as time and yet, still as scary today as it ever was. It is about the purity of evil and how, even when we think we have bested it, it never goes away. It seethes through the years, waiting and mending itself for when we are at our weakest. Then, and only then, will the game begin anew.

This tale is nothing short of fascinating! It is emotionally jarring and will leave you with a sense of awe at how well the writers have silently crept into your consciousness, sifting through your fears. It is a tale that is far too short, not that it isn't thoroughly fulfilling, but rather, you yearn for it to continue on forever. There just isn't enough options on the shelves these days to compete with the quality that is found in Severed! It is a visceral look at what life can bring when you are chasing a dream blindly. Our peripherals will hide shadows that creep beside us, until the horrors eventually over take you. And then what, do you fight for the very life you were trying to change, or do you simply crumble from the fear inside you? 

A thank you has to go out to the entire creative team that has given us a wonderfully, horrifying book over the past seven months. Severed is a tale that is not confined to the medium it was conceived in. It is something that can bring a larger scope to the medium, creating new readers that can appreciate the fact that, sometimes, great pieces of literature can be found in comic shops. 

If you haven't traveled down the vicious road that is Severed yet, you are not too late! Not only will the hardcover edition be coming out in April, I already have a spot picked out on my shelves, but you can also leave your comments and praise at They love to hear your own thoughts and stories -- so check it out!