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Review: Severed #4

Posted By: chrisb
Fri, 11/18/2011 - 16:47

Snyder, Tuft and Futaki converge to create a book that surpasses anything in the horror genre, actually -- it surpasses everything in any genre!

There is a richness to this story, one that transcends the confines of a comic book and elevates the tale into the realm of classic American horror. It is an eerie look into early Americana, a time of individual discovery and innocence. And yet, innocence always seem to be slightly naive, no matter how rough and tumble their exterior, leaving them open to those things that relish the taste of innocent flesh. Things that walk among us, hidden in plain sight, silently sniffing in the air for their next euphoric meal.

Snyder and team have created a tale that permeates your senses, encasing you in their world. And even though you can foresee the horrors that await you, you cannot escape the siren song they have slid into your mind. You are powerless to it's silent pull and lie wide-eyed, helpless but to follow down the path to the inevitable terror that awaits you. But what makes this book so different from the rest, is the lack of blatant shock and awe just to disgust the reader. The shocks are more cerebral and the true terror is not seen within the book, but rather resting in the peripherals of the readers own mind. Truly terrifying!

Although Snyder has numerous outstanding books on the shelves, American Vampire, Batman and Swamp ThingSevered is the book that truly shows off his writing prowess. Both he and Tuft have outdone themselves, creating a modern day classic!

Snyder has become the new face of American horror, and I cannot wait until this book is collected so it can sit on my shelf between The Complete Collection of Grimm's Fairy Tales and Stephen King's Cujo. If someone whom had never read a comic book before, asked me to recommend something for them -- Severed would be my only choice! It is the pinnacle of what the genre has to offer!