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Review: Rocket Raccoon & Groot #3

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Mon, 05/09/2011 - 21:08

Remember when most of Marvel’s good stories had subplots? Hinted-at future storylines that sometimes took years to resolve? Anyone who is old enough to have read Roy Thomas’ Avengers or Chris Claremont’s first run on Uncanny X-Men knows what I mean.

Of late, I have been playing a little mind game with myself: Since I have been ultimately dissatisfied with the front part of Annihilators, I have been pretending – and isn’t that what we are all doing as fanboys when we read our funny books? – that the Rocket Raccoon & Groot buddy backup is in fact a subplot worming its way through an off-hiatus Guardians of the Galaxy! Neat, eh?

It does wonders for the read, and believe me, it does wonders for the mind as well. Try it!

So here in Rocky & Groot Part 3, we have our heroic raccoon, having rescued Groot from the homefolks, mysteriously returning to the bizarre Halfworld Asylym for the Criminally Insane to discover himself in, as they used to say, “a world he never made!”

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning seem to be having a field day with this story, and so am I. I mean, can this get any stranger? Memories of Jim Starlin’s “A Thousand Clowns” Warlock epic comes to memory here.

If this backup saga has done anything, it has recruited me aboard the Timothy Green II fan bandwagon. Oh, I will admit that back in #1 I had my doubts and worries about this artist. After all, both Rocky and Groot are precious leftovers of good times for a ton of Marvel Cosmic readers.

But as Rocky’s lost memories return and he gets mixed up in the madness of containing super-criminals at the looney lockup, I could think of no other artist that could put the energy into this DnA extravaganza as does Green.

If you love rooting for the underdog and enjoy laughing at tales when they are supposed to be serious and tearing up at moments meant to be comical, this is the sci-fi mini-series for you!