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Review: Rocket Raccoon & Groot #2

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 04/06/2011 - 23:42
DnA’s cosmic buddy comic continues as Rocket Raccoon and Groot solve the power struggle the humble elm has in impersonating the king as the duo stand up for the downtrodden in a fashion more flamboyant than is desired by the masses.

If that sounds like Rocket and Groot were involved in some heavy metal sci-fi action, forget it! This raucous adventure resembles more a Duck Dodgers toon than a serving of Marvel Cosmic, and yet with tight writing, exceptional concepts and bawdy humor, writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning not only keep this mini-series packed into The Annihilators afloat, but continue to make it the more enjoyable part of the book!

Gone this issue are the office cubical jokes and in their place are the “lower’ denizens of Planet X – various squirrels, ferrets and yes, even mushrooms who work in keeping the world and its arbor population functioning. They actually just want some respect (and a half-hour more break), not a revolution – much to Rocket’s regrets.

And although that crazed clown from last issue’s office fest was made of Planet X sentient wood, it seems it was sent from Halfworld, the very home of – former Guardian of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon!

Not only is business about to pick up, but I think we have ourselves an origin story coming – maybe two!

With a spacecraft-load of “essentials,” Rocket is reminding me of Dr. Pym as seen in West Coast Avengers – always pulling the weapon or device he needs from mid-air. It happens a couple of times here, enough to wage a war and save a planet!

This romp of raccoon and tree has been nothing short of brilliant so far, the atmosphere kept alive and festive by the marvelous art of Tim Green II, which I am slowly getting used to.

I await Rocket’s encounter with the denizens of Halfworld and a return of some memories we have been searching for since Guardians of the Galaxy hit the stands.

But if our timber friend never says “I am Groot!” again, it will not bother me at all. Sheesh! Enough already!